Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What are you reading in the Bible?

That is the question posted on this blog (which, by the way, I love to read daily! I highly recommend it if you have little ones or homeschool). Good question.

I have been reading Proverbs over and over lately. Parenting is so challenging. So many days, sometimes so many times in one day, I feel in desperate need of wisdom in handling the situations that arise with my children. And myself. Solomon says that wisdom is more precious than anything else we can work to attain. He says to pursue it at all costs. God promises wisdom to those who ask. So I am asking. I am reading and rereading. I am not sure how long I will keep at it (it has been several months now), but I will tell you this. The more I read, the more the proverbs begin to hit home. More and more, I am looking around at life and seeing Solomon's wisdom or the lack of it played out in others' lives. I want my children to learn that wisdom is more valuable than gold. That they can learn so much (and thereby avoid pain from wrong choices) by observing others. I want them to desire wisdom.

Patience. I don't have much lately. This is where God is really speaking to my heart. And you know what happens when you realize you need patience and begin to pray about it. Uh-huh. I still need patience. All day with little ones can be so much fun. Or so exasperating. I don't want them growing up seeing my angry face all the time. I am memorizing and meditating on I Corinthians 13 and I am praying for patience.

This is where I am. So where are you? What is God teaching you?

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Jill said...

Merri - after reading your post I decided to start reading Proverbs myself...and I tell you what, it has been great for me to refresh my "Proverbs awareness" (especially as I deal with two little ones of my own.) Thanks for the thoughts.....

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