Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You Know It Has Been A Long Time Since Your Last Post....

...when you can't remember how to log in any more
...when people stop bugging you about when you will post again
...when you don't even no where to begin because so much has happened

Well, it may not be quite this bad, but it's pretty close! Instead of giving you a bunch of excuses, I will just tell you what has been going on. I see the last substancial post was Thanksgiving. Shortly after that day, we moved into our brand new home (definitely more coming on this later) and began unloading all of our shipment from the U.S. What job! I am still working on this partly because I have 3 childern 4 and under, partly because Thai houses just aren't built with out-of-sight storage in mind (read no closets!), and partly because we sold most of our furniture before we moved and are now having to carefully rebuy what we need.

At the same time, we have had no internet in our home, or phone service for that matter, until the night our friends arrived from Utah. Our pastor and his wife came all the way over here to help me fly back for a visit. We had great fun showing them "around town" and what an encouragement it was to have them see our new life and care for our unsaved friends and family like we do. One week after they arrived, we were on an airplane pointed toward Utah! My first visit back...sooo nice....and a BIG Thankyou to all of you there who made this trip so special. So many meals with friends and good conversations and laughs. We love you all and miss you so dearly already! Pun came for the last 2 weeks and then we were back on the airplane for that long flight home.

So we have been occupied. And not that that will let up too much, after all, I have plenty to do around here. But, I should be able to start blogging again.

I will leave you with a few more bits of news:

Sam has his first tooth at 5 months! This is way too early in my opinion...

I have now driven in Bangkok. Yes, I am finally facing one of my biggest fears. And, no, I didn't hit anything. Well, at list I will never have to deal with snow!

And this last one is for my mom and Diana: Thailand has Moolattes!

More soon....
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