Saturday, January 26, 2008


I am starting to get funny comments on my comments page, so I figure it is time to put out an update. Folks, I need the internet. Desparately. I fear I am addicted. I have now lived without it for 2 months. In the last 10 years I don't think I have gone 2 weeks with out it!! And in a country where I am still struggling to communicate, internet is all the more crucial to my survival.

We moved into our house and immediately proceeded to apply for a house phone and internet. 10 days. "Boy, that's quick" I thought. I had heard about those who have had to wait for a year for a house phone. 10 days came and went, it would be after the new year we were told. Still no internet. Now it will be two more weeks! They asked Pun if he still wanted their service. He told them he was thinking about changing his mind! :)

So I get a few minutes of time every week or two when we come to Pun's parents. But not nearly enough to fill my craving!
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