Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We're Headed Out

Pun has meetings to attend in Hua Hin for the rest of the week and this time we can all tag along. So while he is meeting away, the rest of us will be playing in a hotel room or swimming in a pool...yippee! We are all excited! It sure beats sitting at home without him.

Before we leave, though, I wanted to share another neat resource I have come across. If you have time take a look at this post. I found this calendar there and have really enjoyed using it in my own prayer time. It is an excellent tool to use when praying for our children, but I also use it to pray for myself and Pun as well as a springboard into thanksgiving and praise to God for being the example or fulfillment of that particular quality.

Have great week!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Family

Saturday morning snuggles

The Pirates who don't do anything

If Only

If only I could blog telepathically, I would have new posts everyday. But alas, I cannot, and I am lazy, or I just have 3 children and am behind in house work, etc, etc. Oh, and Pun has now begun traveling for work. He is gone tonight. He will be gone 2 nights next week and was supposed to be gone another night the following week. And it is just beginning. He will be traveling more and more. I really miss him. The kids miss him. And I feel stranded without him. And I little nervous, too. But I know Who is watching over us, and I will trust Him.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Useful Stuff

I read blogs by mothers of preschoolers and homeschoolers. Often they post about toys or educational items that they find useful. I like this because I want to know what others are using and what they think works well. Maybe you (who have little ones) would like to know what my little ones like.


Oh Boy. We bought these while we were in the states and they were an instant hit with Helen and especially Daniel, with me, with everyone who saw them. They just scream for you to pick them up and play with them. I wanted to get some sort of magnetic construction toy for our kids, but the ones I saw at the department stores were just not made for preschoolers. These, though, are much larger and perfect for little hands to handle. We bought the set with squares and triangles only, but they also make hexagons and octagons. Inside each one is 3 to 4 powerful round magnets (so they won't repel). You place them close to each other and they snap together on there own. They come in several sets including a new one that has wheels. If you know us, you know that we are a frugal family. These are not cheap, but in our opinion, worth it. My kids play with them everyday. I have to tell you...so much fun.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Home Tour

Ok. I have had several requests. It is time, I can't put it off any longer. I realize that I have been waiting for my house to be all done, painted, decorated, cleaned, you know, looking like a magazine spread. Well, I have decided to be vulnerable and show our home as it is, a work in progress. So, come on in folks!

(If you can't remember what our house looks like from the outside go here)

As you walk in the sliding glass doors, here is what you will see:

our living room

to the right

and to the left

We have painted it yellow, but this will change. Eventually it will be brown so it will match the dining room in the back. We have finally ordered curtains which will be coming soon. This room is essentially enclosed by windows. Very nice views. I will do a yard post later.

Step through the living room into the dining room:

(Behind the piano is our play room which I thought I had taken pictures of but can't seem to find, so I will show that room in the next post)

looking to the left (again, the entire back wall in this picture is windows over looking our side yard!)

and looking to the right. Here you will see the front door, which we rarely use, the stairs, oh, and the boxes of ceiling fans! Back under the stairs is our one tiny little closet.

On to the kitchen. This is one of my favorite rooms. I think I like it so much because of the color. I had to convince Pun, but it is gradually growing on him. Our kitchen is divided into 2 parts. This is the "prep room." Food is prepared here but not cooked.

To the far right in the picture above, you will see a glass sliding door. This divides the prep room from the kitchen where food is cooked. It really reduces the heat in the house to have the room split this way. Here is the kitchen:

It is pretty small, and it doesn't help that it is so cluttered. I have lots of plans for this room, and in time it will come together. Right now, my pantry is in the cooler and totes on the left as well as stashed under the sink on the right. I will post more later on cooking in this kitchen.

And here is the downstairs bathroom:

This is the first floor. We have almost finished painting downstairs, but still have some organizing and lots of decorating to do. We have barely touched upstairs. You will see what I mean in the next post! More next week...

evening walks

When the sun finally drops and the day begins to cool off we enjoy getting out of our house to take walks. Tonight Helen and Daniel picked flowers from the ground for me. Here is what I came home with.

I asked Daniel why he liked to give me so many flowers. He said "because I wuv you, Mom."
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