Monday, June 09, 2008

Useful Stuff

I read blogs by mothers of preschoolers and homeschoolers. Often they post about toys or educational items that they find useful. I like this because I want to know what others are using and what they think works well. Maybe you (who have little ones) would like to know what my little ones like.


Oh Boy. We bought these while we were in the states and they were an instant hit with Helen and especially Daniel, with me, with everyone who saw them. They just scream for you to pick them up and play with them. I wanted to get some sort of magnetic construction toy for our kids, but the ones I saw at the department stores were just not made for preschoolers. These, though, are much larger and perfect for little hands to handle. We bought the set with squares and triangles only, but they also make hexagons and octagons. Inside each one is 3 to 4 powerful round magnets (so they won't repel). You place them close to each other and they snap together on there own. They come in several sets including a new one that has wheels. If you know us, you know that we are a frugal family. These are not cheap, but in our opinion, worth it. My kids play with them everyday. I have to tell much fun.


Anonymous said...

Seeing Daniel play with the Magformers brings back sweet memories. Glad the kids are still having fun with them.

Laurel said...

Those look great. I bet our builders would love them, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi! What is the name of those magnetic construction toys and where did you pick them up? They look like a lot of fun. I'm changing grades next year from teaching 2nd grade to Kindergarten!! Those construction toys look like something I could use.
E-mail me please. (
It takes a long time for a page to come up when I look at your blog because of all of the pictures and I only have stinky dial up. :(
Miss you guys!
Michelle Lepien

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