Friday, May 09, 2008

a random conversation

after a frustrating night of learning to sleep on his own (Daniel and Helen shared a room before we moved into our own house) and having found him in bed with Helen the next morning...

Me: Daniel, you are going to learn to sleep in your own room.

Daniel: But I like to sleep with girls

Me: But you have to be married to sleep with a girl

Daniel: And give her a ring? (note: this is the concrete way we have explained marriage to our kids, a man gives a woman a ring and then they get married)

Me: Yes. (grin)

Daniel: Then I can sleep with a girl?

Me: Yes.

Daniel: All night long??

Me: Yes.

Daniel: (Big Grin!)

Another short story...

Yesterday, I was getting my cooking books out to do some baking when something hit my foot with a little too much force. My first thought "Oh no, another large bug in my house!" I looked down and saw a little white round ball. "no way" I thought. "It can't be, we don't have lizards in our house anymore." But it was. A lizard egg. How do I know? Because when I picked it up to look closer, it slipped from my hands and cracked. Poor thing... Only in a tropical country can you find lizard eggs in your cook books.


Jill said...

Kudos to you, Merri, because if I found a lizard egg anywhere in my house, you would have been able to hear me screaming all the way in Thailand. :)

karen said...

Okay...the lizard egg is really gross!!

I love conversations with kids. That was funny.

Anonymous said...

I think it's neat you found a lizard egg. Just glad you found it before it hatched. I liked the birth of all the crabs to.

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