Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just Because


karen said...

The kids are just so precious! Where was the picture taken? Is this in your house? I was wondering about the green wall. Is that a color in your house?

Do you guys paint the walls or does everyone have white walls? What are the walls made out of over there?

Anonymous said...

Miss those faces!!
Great news about the piano. I agree with Karen (?) that a piano is a great Mother's Day gift! I wonder what the anniversary gift will be...hmmmmm.
M&M Lepien

Laurel said...

Such sweet pictures!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Karen, the green wall is in our kitchen. Merri chose the color and we love it! Walls are white here, so we decided to change them to make them able to hide dirt better. Most walls are made of bricks and mortar here, but ours are reinforced concrete walls - hurricane and earthquake proof.

M&M, I just took Merri out to our favorite American styled restaurant, nothing fancy. It could have been more romantic if we had gone to an Italian restaurant, but it's hard to find one in Bangkok.


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