Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wecome to the 21st Century

We now have unlimited access to the world via internet, thanks to Pun's dad and brother. It felt like Christmas morning after Pun had it all set up and we got on-line. I couldn't stop grinning all night. You just don't realize how disconnected you feel without it until someone pulls the plug... Now, as long as Helen and Daniel cooperate, I should be more regular in posting.

By the way, for those of you who make comments--thanks so much! I love the feedback. And I do try to respond to all of the comments on the same page where you leave them.


M & M said...

Praise the LORD!!!

Love to see the pictures of the family. We miss you guys so much. :( But we also know that the LORD has you their for His glory. The pictures of the the future place of a home looks great! Danile and Helen look cute as ever. It will be different living in the land of smiles for some time. Being Americanized has its good points and some not so good points, but a simple life-style stream lines your time to be able to focus on the the LORDs work. ;) We miss you and Love you very much. Mary, give Pun a hug for me (I miss those.) Love you.

Merri said...

Man, we miss you, too! No problem, I love to hug Pun!!! I will give him an extra from you. :) I'll be emailing you two soon. Really want to know how you guys are.

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