Monday, October 16, 2006

Part 2...Hua Hin and Misc Pictures

A few weeks back we were able to spend some time at a condo Pun's uncle has in Hua Hin, a well known tourist spot south of Bangkok and right on the gulf. We really had a great time. The pool was the best! We went swimming nearly everyday. As you can see it overlooks the gulf. Since it is the rainy season, flooding can be a problem so very few people come at this time. We always had the whole pool to ourselves.

Pun would take the kids down to the beach when the tide was low and they would look for crabs and all other forms of sea life. They would bring back a big bucket of shells and crabs to show me. Then we would get the crabs out and let them walk all over.

A bucket of treasures...

Here is Helen holding an unsual beetle we found. She really seems to have no fear of bugs of animals unless we tell her they might hurt her. I think she is turning into a tom-boy!

Another highlight for the kids and me was our first hamburger. We (especially Helen and me) have a weakness for all that awful American food, namely cheese- burgers and fries. On our way to the airport in Salt Lake, we even stopped to pick up one last greasy burger. I thought that might be the end of them for us, but I am happy to say, they taste the same here!

This is a lady we met at a foodcourt where we were eating lunch. She began talking to the kids and then feeding them her fried bananas (which they devoured!) You can see she and Daniel got real close. He likes anyone who will feed him. People here are very friendly, especially to our children, and are always giving them food and little gifts.

Helen and Daniel riding in a car.

This was in another foodcourt that had an arcade geared towards very young children.

And for one final picture, here we are at the supermarket. We are standing in front of a fresh seafood display. I'm no seafood expert, everything looked unique to me. Pun thought you might like to see this. At the back of the table there are several kinds of fish and at the front right is a display of large crabs. Daniel's face says it all!


Karen said...

Wow, the beach looks beautiful there. That sounds like a fun place to visit. I'm glad you know that you can get a burger if you absolutely have to have one. Can't imagine living without that American luxury. Ha!

Is the food expensive there? Can you get a lot of the same types of things we can here at the supermarket or is it all completely different?

Merri said...

Yeah, It was a nice get away for us. I told Pun it was the first time I felt not hot--sitting in the pool.

I have several ideas for posts. One is on supermarkets and another on street vendors. We are going to the supermarket Thursday and I will be taking pictures to post.

I love your questions. It helps me know what people might find interesting to know about Bangkok.

Happy Birthday to you! I can't remember what day exactly. I just remember it's mid October...

Anonymous said...

I am finally hooked in. Thanks for sending me the blog site it is so much fun to see all that is going on. I am learning so much through you. Personally Pun cooking is one of my favorite pictures. The land is beautiful. Prayer group is meeting today, I will let them know what is going on so we can lift you up. I'll email later Amy

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