Sunday, October 08, 2006

High Tech Kids and Other Stuff Part 1

Our kids are getting a little tired of the few toys we were able to bring with us. Our container hasn't arrived yet so I was getting a little desparate for something to keep them busy. I set up the word processor on the lap top and let Helen type. It kept here entertained for quite awhile. At one point I turned around to check on her and saw Daniel next to her pretending to talk on the cell phone. They look so serious. Pretty funny.

I just had to show you some lizard pictures. We really have fun finding and watching them. This particular night we found 5 or 6 on the outside of the screen door. Usually we only find a few every night.

We find this one every evening in the kitchen it seems. They really are great to have around. They eat bugs, stay high up on the walls and are very fast. The kids try to catch them sometimes.

In our previous post, I mentioned that the typical Thai house has an outdoor kitchen. Here is Pun helping the maid cook outside. She was shy and I couldn't get her to face the camera for a picture! You sort of feel like you are camping out when you are cooking out here.

One last picture for now. There is a Thai desert called rhotee-saimai. It is a crepe filled with fibrous sugar strings and tastes really good. This morning we happened to see them making it on the TV. It really is quite a process. The man who was making them said he had been perfecting his technique for 44 years! We decided it is much easier to buy it from the street vendor (8 servings or so for 50 cents). The fibers inside look like coarse blond hair and taste like cotton candy in your mouth. Very good!


Karen said...

Love the pics of the kids doing some serious "work" there! Will it take long to get all your stuff? Do you have a place to store it once you get it all or did you leave most stuff in the U.S.?

Do you sort of feel like you are on a mission trip that goes on and on???

Merri said...

No, our stuff is supposed to arrive next Wednesday. I think we can store some at his aunt's house next door and the rest I am not sure where we will put it! We sold most of our stuff before we came and brought everything else with us.

Honestly, I don't know what I feel like. It doesn't feel like a missions trip because I am not really doing any ministry, and there isn't that missions trip "high." It is more real life than a trip yet sort of surreal, too. Does that make any sense?

Val said...

The kids are adorable. I am sure it has been hard to keep them entertained - you should let them catch the lizards =) - put them all in a box together. Sounds like I have a twisted sense of humor doesn't it? But if you get desperate . . . on another note I finally added a ton of new pictures to my site - no written update yet - but hopefully this weekend. Praying for you.

Merri said...

Hey, Val, thanks for your prayers. I have gotten way behind in responding to emails, but you are on my list... I checked out your blog. The pictures are awesome! The girls are sooo beautiful! Haily is so photogenic!!! And Summer looks so much like Doug. She is so big now. I can't believe she beat Doug in the race. Pun and I were both laughing at that picture. Libby is cute as ever, too.

About entertaining the kids, we were able to pick some new toys for them at the markets. Val, you would love shopping here. It's a blast. Everyone is selling something!

I'll email you soon!!!

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