Sunday, September 06, 2009

More on Abi

Pun put up the last post for me, which I am very grateful for, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing any pictures until now. I am still figuring out what our new "normal" looks like with 4 instead of 3. All you who have larger families, I can hear you smirking! :) Anyway, as with all our births, Abi decided to come late. She was our earliest birth, though, at just 6 days late! She was also my easiest and shortest labor. In fact, my friend who helped us with her birth began to call people in for her birth when I thought I still had a few hours to go. She was born 15 minutes later. And she was our smallest baby. She is such a sweet, petite little thing. The first night she only squeaked like a kitten when she woke to eat!

Our Sweet Abi...

Truly, we have all fallen head over heals for Abi. She is so easy to care for and so much fun to hold and kiss. All 3 of her brothers and sister are in love with her and fight for turns to hold her.

Helen, Daniel, and Sam

Abi and Helen share the same due date (Aug 20) so we were wondering if they would share their birthday as well. That didn't quite happen, so 4 days after Abi was born we celebrated Helen's 6th birthday with lots of friends and family.

Helen, Daniel, Sam, and Abi on Helen's birthday.

Today Helen started 1st grade and Daniel Preschool. It was a bit crazy as I am trying to figure out a new curriculum in combination with Sonlight. I think it will be a great year once I get the logistics down.

Throw in a visit from Grandma and Grandpa from Utah, some extra outings to the Crocodile Farm and Elephant Island with them and we are keeping busy.


Brian Megilligan said...

Yea! Congratulations! So great to see a post from you, Merri. Good to see you're up and at 'em!

Karen said...

She is soooo gorgeous, Merri! She makes Sam look so grown up now. I'm praying for you as you adjust to one more little set of hands and feet to take care of. Thanks for sharing all the pics of the kids.

studioGypsy said...

too fun and just so beautiful. happy happy to you all!! loveyous. xoxo~L

Laurel said...

No smirks from me, just an inner nod of "oh yeah, do I remember that!" She's just lovely, Merri. So thankful with you guys!

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