Thursday, October 29, 2009

1st Grade and Pre K in our house

I thought there might be one or two people who would like to see what we are doing this year for school. Really, I feel like I am in my element with homeschool. I absolutely love it. Every part of it, nearly. I love to read books about homeschooling, look through catalogues from homeschool companies, and plan every aspect of our curriculum.

We are using the Well Trained Mind approach ( a classical education meaning you teach the student how to learn) and meshing it with Sonlight books. We are now completing are 6th week and I can't believe how fast it is flying by. I think we are all having fun, but I am sure I am having the most fun!

Daniel is technically PreK and we are really stressing the basics, ABC's, counting, fine motor skills for writing. This kid could color and draw all day and loves any and all super heroes. Buckling down for school is really not his idea of a good time, but he is plugging away at it. We don't push him too hard yet. He joins Helen for Bible time and then does a little pencil excercise to help him get ready to write, works on his counting or ABC's, and then I try to read to him a bit.

Now that Helen is in 1st grade, I feel like to she is finally in school for "real." She has Bible time with Daniel. We are working through Leading Little Ones to Christ. It's a great basic theology for early elementary. While I read the lesson, they listen and draw in their Bible notebooks. Then it is on to handwriting practice which is the verse that she is memorizing at the time. Currently she is finishing up Psalm 1.

Then we switch gears to reading time. She has a book that she reads alone, then I question her on comprehension. Then I read aloud to her. Right now we are reading Homer Price. Such a cute story. She also a very short basic grammar lesson and spelling work.

Next is history. We are taking a very fun journey through the ancients this year. Like so many others I have talked to, I didn't really enjoy history when I was in school. Now, it is my favorite subject to study with Helen. We have spent the last six weeks learning about Ancient Egypt--pyramids, mummies, pharoahs and more. We have built our own pyramid with sand blocks, written on clay tablets using cunieform writing, and made clay seals like they had in ancient times. Helen is building a history notebook full of narrations from what she has learned, coloring pages, maps and her own artwork. She is also working on a time line book.

In science this year we are introducing animals, the human body, and plants. Just like history, we are making a science notebook of all the things we are learning and the experiments we do.

For math I am using Rightstart and really enjoying it. It is a hands on program that helps the student really understand numbers not just memorize facts.

On top of all of the this, Helen and Daniel have begun Thai school in the mornings. We are seeing improvement in their ability to understand and speak Thai. Helen is even writing Thai now.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to hear how school is going. We miss you so much and wish we could be there to help and be a part of it.
It sounds like it is all so interesting and we are thrilled that the Lord has enabled you to do this and fulfill your dream. It is evident you are so well suited to be a mom and a teacher for your kids.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I might be a little predjudiced:)

karen said...

Merri, I can just see you homeschooling! You would be so great at it. Sounds like you are having a great time and that will keep you kids excited about it too.

How is the new baby doing? I've prayed for you often.

Laurel said...

Merri, it sounds like you a terrific teaching mom! And I love Homer Price. :-)

studioGypsy said...

all sounds so wonderful. they have a wonderful teaching mommy!! ;) so proud of you sweets... and how exciting for the Thai writing!! loveyous. xo

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