Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello again (part 2)

I meant to do all this in one post, but then my pictures messed up and it was just easier to separate it into two posts.

So, I was saying, shortly after we got home from Chaing Rai, my parents came for a visit. The kids were counting down the days until Grandma and Grandpa arrived. Having my mom here was such a help. She really took care of our family while I felt so pukey.

Helen and Daniel took some walks down our street with Grandpa.

We also spent some time painting, which was a lot of fun because Grandma and Grandpa painted! What you will do for your grandkids...

Daniel turned 4 while my parents were here. We celebrated the ususal way with cake

and presents.

Helen couldn't wait to try on Daniel's new pirate suit!

Sam really bonded well with my Dad and my Mom.

At the crocodile farm...crazy man putting his head in the croc's mouth and the kids and Mom holding a baby tiger.

Helen showing off her Northern Thai Tribal costume

We have also been hard at work trying to get more done on our house. It is amazing how much time it seems to take! Such a long list of projects I have for Pun (and me, too) to "finish" house. Our favorite phrase these days is "little by little". I will post pictures of this soon.

So I am back online. There is much to tell. I will try to be faithful and continue sharing.


Janet said...

Congratulations on your upcoming baby! Brian and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having three kids. And we also love having grandparents come for a visit to do the "spoiling" they do so well!

karen said...

Your parents look so good. So nice to see current pics of them. So was that Pun with the Croc? Was that a real baby tiger?

Glad you had some help from your Mom. They know how to make everything seem better. Are you feeling better now? When are you due?

Laurel said...

So glad you're back online. And congratulations on your growing little one!

Merri said...

Sorry, I forgot to answer your questions, Karen!! No, not Pun's head in the crocodile's mouth! :) And, yes, it was a real baby tiger.

I am due the 20th of Aug but I always go late so I am expecting the same again. And I am feeling much better. I can tell, because I have so much more motivation than the first 15 weeks or so when all I did or wanted to do was sit on the couch.

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