Monday, July 07, 2008

Bathroom Science

I love Pun…he is so cool! Today, in the midst of trying to get a hundred things done, he came in the house with another exotic find. A frog with unusual markings (apparently, they are all over our yard, hiding under bushes). This is not the first time he has done this. Actually, just before he brought the frog in, he found a lizard tail freshly dropped from its body. If you don’t know this already, when a lizard loses it’s tail, the tail continues to flop around for a few minutes. The kids were walking around with a wiggly tail. Pun is always bringing “nature” inside. So, back to the frog. I actually didn’t even notice it at first. I sent him outside to get a chair. He came in with the chair and Sam in one hand the frog tucked into his other.

Of course, I ran to get the camera and while I did, he threw the frog into … the shower! I love to look at critters up close, as long as I can be sure they won’t jump on me! So I carefully opened the shower door and the little thing began to pose for the camera. I shot several pictures of him as we all watched him walk right up the wall. Amazing…



Laurel said...


Jill said...

As I have said many times before, kudos to you, Merri, for being open to all of the cool things like lizards and frogs. I would be freaking out! ...but the frog really is a beautiful creature. Nice pictures and what a great opportunity for your kiddos! :)

karen said...

How fun! I like frogs but I'm not sure I want one in my house. I guess the shower would be the best place for it, if it was in the house.

Evely LOVES frogs. We were at Mom's swimming the other day and a tree frog decided to take a swim with us. It would crawl up on the kids shoulders and ride around. It would change colors depending on what we put him on. It was great fun!

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