Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Helen!

Yesterday, Helen turned 4. And it couldn't have happened any sooner. Since Daniel's Birthday (which was January 27) it has been weekly if not daily conversation for her. So the big day came. And to say that she was excited is an understatement. She even said several times throughout the day, "I am soooo excited!!" We let her choose her dinner and the only thing she really wanted was pancakes! So we added eggs to it and had breakfast for dinner. My kind of girl. Then we let her choose if she wanted cake next or to open her presents. That should have been obvious! So she opened gifts. We didn't know what to get her really, but when a friend offered to give us a little bride's dress and ballerina outfit to play dress up with, we decided to add to it and and then get her a little trunk to put it all in. Lately she has had a fixation with pigs as well, so Pun bought her a little pig stuffed animal and a few other "pig" items. The thing that stole the show was the bride's dress, though. She just lit up when she put it on. She is just at the right age for dress up and loves girly things! She was really too cute, I have to say.


karen said...

Happy Birthday Helen! How CUTE!!!

She is sure growing up and she looks adorable in her brides dress.

Are you feeling good these days, Merri? I'm praying for you.

Val said...

Happy Birthday Helen! She is precious. My girls would love to play dress up with her if you weren't halfway around the world.

Jill said...

Merri - she's so beautiful. Sounds like it was a wonderful birtday!!!

Miners said...

Congratulations--your children are just beautiful. Happy Birthday to Helen! Pun, you must be so proud of your adorable kids. Helen has grown up so much since her trip to Yakima, Washington. Hope all is well in your country--we think of you often.
The Miners--Gary, Diane and kids

Merri said...

Hey Miners! We miss you, too. Just 2 nights ago we really talking about you and our mouths were watering for a Miner Burger!! :)

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