Friday, March 30, 2007

Morning Sickness and Toddlers

The other day when I was having yet another bout of morning sickness, I set up Helen and Daniel with paints outside and then went inside to rest. Of course it got a little too quiet outside, so I drug myself out to check on them and here is what I saw...

I guess it could have been worse! :)


Josh, Christina & Gabe said...

No, YOUR kids are the ones that are too cute! I know that they are so much fun for you and Pun and yet a handful at the same time! Enjoy these times! Oh, and we'll be praying for you with your morning sickness... not much fun, I know.

We miss you all!

karen said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so puny! Can you get the B vitamin liquid over there?

I know how it is too long for "quiet moments" but then it is awful when you find why it's so quiet. Evely was having a very quiet moment the other day and I found her playing in the toilet - again! She had unrolled the whole roll of paper and decorate the bathroom with the wet soggy paper. The toilet was clogged and she was soaked. Nice. . .glad the toilet had been flushed. :)

Erin said...

Don't you just love those moments of "uh oh, it's too quiet out there". Could have been worse =) Hope your morning sickness gets over quick!

M & M said...

ROFLOL! Love it!
Quiet is NOT GOOD when it comes to kids.
Missing you guys tons, but glad to hear and see that you're doing so well. God is Good. No, He's Great!

Michelle and Murray L.

Anonymous said...

Merri, I can't help but think that Helen was practicing for the outreach at Payson Labor Days face painting booth. You know our children learn from what they watch us do(: Know that when the morning sickness passes the joy in your family of a new child will be increased. Love you all, Amy.

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