Sunday, March 11, 2007

First Days

Pun is now a working man and loving it! He wakes up excited in the morning to go to work, and I can understand why. It seems like a pretty cushy job. Not only does he get to sit in an air conditioned office where he is told he is the "expert" (boy, that Ph.D. is really paying off!), they told him if there are days he feels "under the weather" or just doesn't want to come in he can work from home! The first 3 weeks he is scheduled to meet individually with all the departments he will be working with. He told me the other day that they are paying him to think. So if you see Pun (not that you would) with a blank stare on his face, he will tell you he is working. HA! Actually, it still looks like the perfect job for him, and I am so very happy for him.

As for the rest of us Panthaworns, we are painfully settling into a routine. It is getting a bit warm here now. I am not looking forward to the next 8 weeks or so. We'll manage. Helen and Daniel have started Thai preschool. I think they are really going to like it. I am hoping this will help them with learning the language. I will be going with them for awhile to help out, so maybe it will help me, too! It is really an ironic thing. The preschool is in Pun's grandparents' old house which they are renting to the couple who run it. The lady and her husband are believers and also have a small church that meets there on Sundays. It really was amazing to just stumble upon this couple and their school, and they have really reached out to us and our children.

I, too, will start Thai classes once the kids are settled. So we are making some progress. :)
Helen and Daniel with their preschool teacher.


Anonymous said...

Hi Merri & Pun too,
I just read your last two posts. It is so neat to see the pictures, especially seeing Helen & Daniel so happy. Good to hear how well Pun's work (is that what he calls it?) is going for him. Praising the Lord with you for how God is working out His plans in your lives. Congratulations on the upcoming little one!
Love and Prayers, Char

karen said...

How often will the kids go to preschool? Is it an everyday thing? I can't get over how much Helen looks like you in the pictures!

I'm glad that Pun loves his new job. Praise God!

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