Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I must apologize for waiting so long to tell you. As I shared in the first entry, it took awhile to get this thing going and I wanted to email everyone once to let you know about our site. So I thought I would wait until we started blogging to let you know:

We are moving to Thailand!!!

Let me tell you the story. Pun has always planned to return home one day. Once the Lord saved him, his heart longed for home even more. I had no problem moving overseas, in fact I had also hoped to live in another country eventually.
Right before Helen was born, Pun quit his job to finish school. After graduation, he was never able to find a job that would support our family and let me stay at home with Helen and Daniel.

After months of praying, talking, getting counsel, we both are confident that it is God's timing for us to move home to Thailand. And we are both so excited for all that the Lord has in store for us. We know it will definitely be challenging, difficult, and wonderful all at once.

We want to keep you involved in our lives as we move through this transition. Though we will be half a world away, we will miss you all, and long for your friendship. We hope that this will be a good forum for staying in contact and a part of each others lives.

If I weren't married to Pun, I wouldn't know exactly where Thailand is, so for those of you like me...I have included a map for you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Merri and Pun,

I couldn't wait to see you here in Bangkok. I did not really follow your on-going life closed enough. So I wonder if you already moved or in the process of moving. Please give me a call if you get a chance. My number is 09-123-3388.

I wish you both the best


Pun said...

Will call you as soon as we get to Bangkok.

See you soon!

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