Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Part of the purpose for this website is for you to learn along with me about Thailand. For those of you who don't know, Thailand is in the middle of a huge celebration for their king. The Thai people adore him, and he has done much good for them. Not only is he celebrating his 60th year as king of Thailand, but also he is the world longest serving monarh. Quite an accomplishment.

Just a bit of monarch trivia for you:

He was born in Cambridge, MA.
He had an accident in teenage years and lost an eye. He now wears a glass eye.
He is an accomplished jazz musician.
He is a civil engineer and brainchilded most of the dams built in the country.
He is an inventor. He has a patent for a technique he developed to produce rain

A friend sent me an article on the celebration:
If you are interested, check it out!


Karen said...

How very interesting! It's nice to know that you are going to a country where the leadership is liked.

I like the info on the country. I know NOTHING about Thailand. Maybe I can learn some history and geography stuff from this move of yours!

Merri said...

I know I will be learning so much. I just thought it would be fun to share the culture.

Thailand's government is like England's except that the king is more loved and has more influence than the queen of England.

Karen said...

He seems like a man that could be easily respected because of his "genius"!

cristi said...

The king of Thailand was born in Massachusettes??? I was born in Arizona so I could still be queen of Tibet? Whew. There is hope still. I am not a jazz musician, though. Although at one time I did play a mediocre flute. I bet you're suprised that I'm skulking around your blog. Daniel and Helen are beautiful. You're not so bad yourself. Could Pun be king of Thailand? He's quite accomplished himself, but does he have a glass eye?

Merri said...

Oh, Cristi, your so funny! Your welcome to skulk around my blog any day. By the way, how is your blog coming???? And your visit to Utah?

Anonymous said...

The blog is a fantastic idea! I am excited that I have this way to keep up with you guys! I have one too and I will be sending out the weblink soon. I will be praying for you guys as you go through this transition. I know what it is like for me and I can't imagine what it would be like with two kids! God be with you!
Love, Jenni

M & M said...

Praise the LORD!!!

Since hearing about you going to Thailand I have been on a 'Trek' to learn as much as I can about Thailand. Very cool place! We are talking and planing on our trip to Thailand next year. We are very excited about the ideas you have for your return to Thailand and are supporters of it. We give our praise and thanks to God Almighty for your willingness to follow His Sprit! We love you all and pray for you all daily! :)

Brother & Sister Lepien
(Dan and Rach too:)

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