Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Healthy Snacks

I have one child who would prefer to eat only fruits and vegetables. She tells me after a few bites of ice cream that she has had enough. She would agree that sugar is not good for you. I know. She really can't be mine. This child definitely belongs to Pun.

Then I have another child. He's a sweet boy. He wakes up in the morning with a silly grin thinking about candy. He will warn me not to eat all of the cookies (ice cream, cake, candy, ...) so there will more for him later. For him, there is only one food group--sugar. The rest is complimentary. Now, this is my child.

Children in Thailand typically do not eat sweet things. Or at least they do not crave them the way my son does. They eat things like seaweed chips or squid-on-a-stick as seen being sold by this lady.

Just seconds before I took this next picture, the little boy behind the girl in a pink dress was tearing into his squid stick. Seriously, I thought he was going to growl. My kids watched in shock, not convinced that it was as delicious as these children made it look.

So imagine my surprise when my children (both the responsible one and the one like me) began eating Taro. What is Taro?

Well, it is made of flour and fish and pressed into long, thin, dry strips. It tastes fishy. Apparently, this package is Bar-B-Q flavor. My kids don't like fish, they tell me. But they love this stuff. I think some of it is made from squid. These days it is not uncommon for me to hear:

"Mom, do we have any 'quid'?"
"Oh, good!"

I watch him tear into it with a big sweet smile, but I am not so convinced that is as delicious as he makes it look.


karen said...

That is just hilarious. I take it you haven't tried this delicious looking stuff???

I have a "Daniel" in my house too. Jaden could live on sweets alone and it is sometimes a struggle when I find him with a bag of marshmallows in his room. I crack up when we remembers places and things that we have done because of a certain "candy" that he ate there. Too funny!

karen said...

I'm sorry, I didn't mean "Daniel", I meant Samuel. My nephew is Daniel and he is a sweet eater too. My bad!

Merri said...

No, you were right. The sweet tooth is Daniel. He gets giddy when he thinks of eating any sweet thing! It's like drugs! I have been enjoying your blogs about Africa. So neat Tom got to go.

karen said...

Thanks for the well-wishes! I'll tell Mom you are praying for her.

Yes, I was really disappointed that I couldn't go but I know that this is not the season of my life for that. Since he had never been on a mission trip before, I was ecstatic he could go. I hope to go another time - maybe when the kids are older and they could experience it too.

miss you too!!! :(

Jill said...

Too funny -- I would have to keel over if one of my girls asked for squid as a snack.. Yikes!

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