Friday, August 01, 2008

The Woes of Digital Photography

I have been trying to capture a picture of Sam's new smile. He just pushed 4 new teeth through and has the cutest crooked grin. With digital cameras, I always seem to fail in getting the exact expression I want, because my babies faces change between the focus and the click!


"This one?"

"Maybe, tomorrow, Mom."


karen said...

He's soooo cute! All my "babies" are getting so big now. No more teeth cutting and all those first steps. It seemed to take forever while I was in the midst of it, but now that it is gone it seems to have flown by.

Merri, Tom is heading to Utah this winter and I was so hoping you still lived here! I would have come and had a nice visit for a few days. Oh well, maybe someday we will get to Thailand. I would love that.

Jill said...

love the pics :) I can't believe he already has so many teeth !!!

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