Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy, healthy New Year!!!

Friend, rejoicing with us for our Savior's birth!!!


Val said...

Beautiful family! Helen looks so grown up. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas in your new home and with your new little guy.

Karen said...

Love the pic of your growing family!! How are you doing with "3" now? Three was such an adjustment for Tom and I. Suddenly there was 1 more child than adults. That outnumbered feeling really pulled us together, though. I wouldn't trade having three for anything!!

Miss you a bunch!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to you all.

Brian Megilligan said...

Great family picture!

Mary Beard said...

The Lord has been so good to you all. You have a beautiful family Merri. Craig and I were given the news on Christmas Day that we will be grandparents in August. Our oldest Son Casey and his wife Julie of 5 years of marriage. Our younger SOn Matthew is getting married late September. God is good! May God continue blessing you all. Beautiful children!!

Jill said...

Merri -- we were so sick over Christmas that I am just now catching up on the blogging world -your family is beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

christina said...

Merri! I can only imagine just how busy you are. Just a quick update to let you know our baby boy was born on January 15, just two days before Jackson's 13th! Obadiah Zepheniah weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz.

I'm doing pretty well considering the pain was so great that as I was squeezing Kevin's arm, I accidentally pulled it clean off. Sadly, our insurance doesn't cover ermergency limbtectomy. He now has to live with one and a half arms, more of a stump, really.

You know, if you got on facebook every now and then I wouldn't have to make up this stuff just to get your attention. Write an update soon. Before you know it, little Oz will be driving.

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