Saturday, November 17, 2007

Praise Him for a BOY!

Boys rule!!! This is Pun blogging in for Merri.

Praise be to God who answered our prayers for a safe delivery.
The labor took 13 hours, but the last part went really fast.
He weighs 8 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long.

Meet Samuel Ian Panthaworn - Samuel means "His name is God" and Ian means "God forgives"

Thank you all so much for your prayers. We'll post another update soon.


Karisa said...

Congratulations! Samuel Ian is a beautiful name for a beautiful little boy.

Anonymous said...

-Sandy G. & family

karen said...

He is beautiful!!! Congratulations. What a wonderful thing to be Thankful for at this time of the year.

Tell Merri "hello"!

Mary Beard said...

Congratulations! He is absolutely beautiful as the family he was born into. PRAISE GOD for all!

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