Friday, February 16, 2007

Paitiently Waiting...or at least trying to

Forgive me for being silent so long about Pun’s interview. I have been hoping all along to make a big announcement once everything was finalized and openly praise God for providing a job for him. At this point he has been offered a job, but that is all we know. This, of course, is a huge praise, but something in the back of my head says it can still fall through...

Here’s what’s happening:

In the middle of December, Pun had his first interview with Siam Cement Group, a large, respected, and profitable company. They liked him and asked him to come back for another interview with some of the directors. We waited and waited and waited until they finally called him in for that interview in the middle of January. It also went extremely well, and he came home feeling like he had the job. So we waited and waited for nearly another 2 weeks until he received an email congratulating him and welcoming him to the company and that the details would follow soon. So now we are waiting and waiting some more (you get the idea) and to see when they want him to start and what they will offer him. Pun is in communication with the company, but this doesn’t appear to have helped any in expediting the process. We are told this is normal for Thailand. Yet, we hold out for this company because it seems this would be a fantastic job with lots of potential for Pun with a company known for its ethics and valuing its employees, and in their defense they are creating a position for him. So we continue to wait.

Thanks for remembering us in your prayers. I will let you know.


karen said...

I am praying for you, Merri! I heard something not long ago that said that "Life's most valuable lessons are learned while in God's waiting room. He doesn't look at the waiting as much as HOW we wait."

Keep the faith! He always provides and takes care of us. I am praying that Pun's spirits will stay up too.

Merri said...

Thanks, Karen! I appreciate your friendship, encouragement, and prayers.

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