Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thai Family Pictures

Every time I put up a new post I always think to myself "I will post sooner next time!" But it doesn't seem to happen. There always seems to be something that keeps me from getting back to the blog. I seem to average a post a week. Sorry about that for those who would like more updates. But I love your feedback and emails.

So I want to introduce you to this wonderful new family of mine. Honestly, they have truly made us feel at home here. We see each other often, as most of the family (all of them, that is, except one Aunt and Uncle and the cousins who are studying abroad) live right on the same block as us. We are trying to take advantage of this as we won't be this close for long.

Many of you have already met Pun's parents. Here they are holding Helen while she naps. This was taken within the first few weeks after we arrived. We were at a city park.

It is Pun's Mom's side that all live on one block. She has 5 siblings (3 sisters and 2 brothers). Here is her youngest brother, Uncle Rote, playing with Daniel. The kids LOVE this family. Everyone is always feeding them, bringing them toys, or playing with them!

Here is a cute picture of two of the sisters with Pun's Grandma. Aunt Jad (the one in orange) is very dear to Pun. She was like a second Mom to Pun growing up. I have been enjoying Aunt Joy (in blue). She has been so kind to us. Grandma doesn't speak much English but smiles at me a lot!

This is Pun's Great Aunt. I have already posted her picture once before but I couldn't resist putting this one up. This woman is 102 (103 in March). She was in the silk business and used to make and sell silk material. She is now completely blind. The last few times I have gone to visit her she has been sitting up on her bed feeding herself. She has the sweetest smile when something tickles her. She always reminds me (through and interpreter, of course) to work harder at my Thai so we can talk. She has never seen a Westerner before, but tells me as she holds my hands that they seem just like Thai hands! :)

This last picture is of Aunt Jad with her husband Uncle Pirote and another one of Pun's cousins, Nu. Nu was teaching me Thai until she got too busy with her job. I miss seeing her regularly but really appreciated her willingness to teach me.

Later, I will introduce you to more of my Thai Family. They really are a great family and are teaching me so many new things. They are also so patient with me and my "foreign ways."


Anonymous said...

It is great to see pictures of Pun's family. We can't wait to get there and meet them ourselves.

karen said...

What a great post, Merri! And what a truly beautiful family you have. I love the picture of Pun and his Aunt. It is so true that when our eyes are blind to what we see, we really are all the same.

I am praying for you. Any news on Pun's interview?

Anonymous said...

Hi Merri,
Great pictures! You are blessed to be close to Pun's family.
Love, Kim

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