Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Thanksgiving Story

If you are still celebrating Thanksgiving, here is a true story to give thanks for.

Pun and I met a missionary couple at our Thanksgiving dinner, and as we talked to them we heard their amazing story of how God has used and is using them in Northern Thailand.

Back in 1998, they began to work with a very small tribe (less than a thousand members) who, although was anti-Christian, desperately wanted their language to become a written language. They were willing for these missionaries to come and write down their language even if it meant they would get a Bible in the process!

So our missionary friends moved into the tribe and began the very daunting process of forming their alphabet and learning their grammar. This tribe had run out 2 of its own people after they became believers and a few other missionaries in the past. As time went on, our missionary friends also became discouraged. At the point they were about to give up, some people from another tribe in Burma came to see them. They spoke the same language! And many of the tribe were believers! They had been praying for 30 years for someone to give them a Bible in their language. Is that amazing or what?

Now, some 8 years later, with only 1 convert from the original tribe, they are still working on the translation with renewed vigor.

Give thanks to God this season for the very good gifts He gives you, but thank Him also for continuing to bring more people to Himself, even in the remote areas of Thailand and Burma.

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Anonymous said...

That is a really neat story, Merri. Praise God that He is working in the hearts of people in those faraway lands. Praise Him also for the faithfulness of your missionary friends. Thanks for sharing their story with us.

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