Thursday, August 31, 2006

One Week and Counting

Well, actually it is only 5 days. Boy, you should see how excited Pun is!! Me, too, for that matter. He is really ready to go home, and I am ready for him to take me.

Last weekend our shipping company dropped off a rather large shipping container. We had 3 days to get it packed and ready to ship out. Thank you to all of you who helped us load up. If it hadn't been for many friends from church and our family, we wouldn't have made it in time. And I just can't tell you how glad I am it is all gone. I hope it gets to Thailand eventually!

The rest of this time has been spent saying goodbye. My dear friend LaVonne came all the way across the country to spend one last weekend with me. We had the best time together. Thanks, LaVonne, for coming so far to to say goodbye. Thanks for all the good memories and for your friendship. I will truly miss you.

Another highlight has been the chance to spend many evenings with the families from our church. We have been to so many special dinners with friends. It's just making it more difficult to say goodbye. But we wouldn't trade any of the memories.

On Monday night our church had a surprise party to send us off. We all ended up the canyon at a park where Pun and I had our wedding rehearsal dinner. It was an evening we will never forget! To our church body: You will never know how much you have come to mean to us. We will sorely miss you... And we won't forget all of you who promised to come see us in Thailand, too! We are holding you to it!! Thank you everyone -- We love you soo much!!

You know, Pun and I have talked about many things we will miss here like the seasons of the year (especially fall time), the mountains, snow, certain types of food, but we always end with talking about the people we will miss. Your friendships have been our true treasures.

PS I had planned to put more pictures in of our party and gatherings with friends, but none seemed to capture the essence of the events without too much explanation so I decided to add a couple other of my favorite pictures!


tom said...

Well you must be getting over your flight. It must be nice to be home. Lee and faimly are coming for supper tonight 9/7. I am eager to hear from you.

Bob Myers said...

Glad to hear you guys made it ok. We'll be praying for you as you set up a new life so far away.
Bob & Cindy
Thomas and Kathryn

Anonymous said...

miss you all so much.
not much more i can say.
grateful you arrived safely.

alisa said...

sorry, anonymous is me, alisa...

Merri said...

Hey Tom! I was so happy to see your note! Yep, we made it, for better or worse. Don't to fly like that again for awhile, though. How was your dinner? We miss you all...

Merri said...

Hi, Bob, wish we could have seen you one last time. Thanks for your prayers. Tell everyone hello for us.

Merri said...

Hey, Alisa, miss you, too! Let's keep in touch on line, ok? Love you!

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